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Integrated Sustainability Shortlisted for the 30th Annual Emerald Awards

Integrated Sustainability is thrilled to share that we have been chosen as a shortlist nominee for the 30th Annual Emerald Awards provided by the Alberta Emerald Foundation!

Since 1992, the Emerald Awards have showcased those who raise the bar in addressing local, regional, and global environmental & climate issues. In doing so, a standard of excellence is set that inspires others in their own practices. The Legacy Categories celebrate an organization or individual’s legacy of environmental excellence in addressing and mitigating the effects of local, regional, and global climate and environmental issues. The Project / Initiatives Categories showcase the Albertan environmental projects and initiatives that have addressed and mitigated the effects of local, regional, and global environmental issues by achieving excellence aligned to certain environmental priorities.

We are one of three organizations to be chosen in the Legacy-Business category, which awards an organization engaged in commercial, industrial, or professional activities that has demonstrated a meaningful commitment to an environmentally sustainable future.

We are very proud of the impact we have made on local sustainability initiatives within the last 10 years. Our passion for the sustainable management of water, our air, and the waste that we generate drives us to work with industry to provide thought leadership on multi-industry collaboration, operational best practices, and technology innovation.

View all shortlist nominees here:

The 30th Annual Emerald Awards will take place online on Tuesday, June 1, 2021, coinciding with Canadian Environment Week. Tickets are now available!

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