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Integrated Sustainability Goes to Nicaragua!

By Jennifer Chernishenko, Administrative Assistant at Integrated Sustainability

stu_0799-1024x678Integrated Sustainability and Energy For All have been collaborating for over two years with the goal of helping develop and test sustainable solutions for drinking water in developing world communities. 

The first scheduled field trip to Kenya to implement solutions had to be shelved because of security challenges, but the second effort has been a resounding success. Integrated Sustainability and Energy for All joined another group called Green Empowerment on a project to enhance the water accessibility and quality in El Jocote, Nicaragua.

How did it happen?

Green Empowerment asked for outside support and expertise, in particular on project management, for continuing work in a village where they did a water installation project. After months of planning, Integrated Sustainability’s President Stuart Torr and Electrical Engineer Frank Laxshimalla went along with Energy for All’s Roselyn Himann to Nicaragua.

screen-shot-2015-06-23-at-11-24-32-amWhy El Jocote?

Four or five times a day, girls and women were walking over a kilometre to collect water at a well and then making the trek back to the village with the buckets, each weighing 40 lbs., on their heads. In 2011, to alleviate this burden, Green Empowerment, AsoFenix and the El Jocote locals installed solar water pumps. Pipes from the pumps take water into storage tanks, which in turn, by gravity, bring water into buildings. The system allows women and girls more time for other household duties and family activities. The current project is to further enhance village life by adding amenities including latrines, patio gardens, sustainable agriculture projects and solar systems.

Above and Beyond screen-shot-2015-06-22-at-12-53-41-pm

Frank noted that in addition to providing manual support and sharing expertise, Integrated Sustainability and Energy for All will be keenly observing the project to help them start their own similar projects. From the whole experience, Frank hopes to come away with ideas for the future and also information to use in marketing strategies, company lunch and learns, and school presentations.

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