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Integrated Sustainability Featured in the Daily Oil Bulletin as Energy Excellence Award Finalist

We’re excited to be featured in the Operational Excellence in Pipelines and Facilities article for The WhiteFox Pipeline Effluent Conveyance Project.

The Project

“The WhiteFox Pipeline Effluent Conveyance Project is a unique and ambitious collaboration between Integrated Sustainability, energy producers, Alberta Newsprint Company (ANC), Millar Western Forest Products (MWFP) and the Town of Whitecourt.

The project’s goal is to provide a sustainable water supply for one of Canada’s largest oil and gas plays, the Duvernay, while eliminating 12 million m3/year of freshwater consumption and reducing GHG emissions by over 70,000 tonnes CO2e/year.

“The project proposes to create a centralized treated wastewater re-use system near Fox Creek. This will provide shared, high-utilization, water infrastructure for oil and gas development, while reducing the environmental footprint and costs associated with water management.” –DOB

The Energy Excellence Awards

“The Energy Excellence Awards program, presented by the Daily Oil Bulletin, uniquely recognizes energy excellence and focuses on the advancement of collaboration within Canada’s energy industry. The DOB received just over 90 nominations in three broad awards categories — Operational & Project Excellence, Innovation & Research Excellence, and Exporting Excellence.”

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