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Drought Adaptation Planning – Strategic Water Sourcing: 6 Alternatives for Basin Shutdowns

Maintain operational integrity & mitigate water risk with approved water management strategies

Due to the below-average snowpack observed over the winter months to date, both Alberta and British Columbia are expected to experience severe drought conditions in the spring and summer.

Water availability across several basins will be limited, and diversion restrictions for new allocations will likely be established. If your operations heavily rely on surface water, it’s crucial to develop alternative plans in the event of prolonged drought conditions leading to basin closures.

In this article, we consider system options available to maintain operational integrity through 2024 and beyond.

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Ian Grant, M.Sc., P.Geo.
Manager, Water Resources
Integrated Sustainability

First published in Daily Oil Bulletin, February 15 2024.

Alternative Water Sourcing

Alternative Water Sources

As climate variation negatively impacts freshwater availability, investors and regulators are asking oil and gas producers to seek alternative water sources to supplement their operational requirements.

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