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Strategic Water Security Management

The Challenge

Integrated Sustainability was approached by the Client to develop a Water Security Management Plan (WSMP) for a customer that required a very high quality of water for industrial steam generation. The WSMP needed to ensure available source(s) of water to support current and future operations while ensuring the long-term viability and reliability of these sources. Also a part of the scope was the creation of best practices for water sourcing operations in a manner that acknowledges other water-reliant activities in the area of influence, while being protective of environmental flows, aquatics and fisheries, and other dependent ecosystems.

The Result

In developing this WSMP, Integrated Sustainability incorporated physical influences (i.e. terrain, hydrology, hydro-geology, climate), geochemical, corporate and regulatory requirements, and events that can lead to the disruption of water supplies. Through the development process there were discovery and training sessions; the WSMP brought a formal and consistently holistic assessment approach capability for our customer. This allowed them to operationally take into consideration factors, both internal and external, to pro-actively mitigate negative results and unintended business consequences.

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