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Stormwater Management Facility Design

The Challenge

Integrated Sustainability was asked to provide structural and mechanical engineering design services for the development of a stormwater management facility for a firm that specializes in residential surface water management.

The Result

Integrated Sustainability delivered final (Issued for Design) drawings for the concrete structures including references to relevant Municipal Standard Details, inlet and/or outlet pipe size and material, specifications for water control components (gates, valves, and fittings), and pipe to structure connection notes, details and specifications.

The team also provided details for an energy dissipation structure, and one halo drain structure to slender cascade structure.

Finally, Integrated Sustainability was responsible for CAD completion of all drawings as well as preliminary and detailed cost estimating information for the access hatches, pond drains, and water control components such as gates and valves that have been specified on the following concrete structures.

ESG Project Benefits:

  • Sustainable management of surface water through storage and re-use
  • Building resilient infrastructure

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