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Produced Water Strategy & Hub Design

Project Execution


  • Developed and delivered a water reuse strategy based on technical feasibility, reliability, operational risk, and scalability to encourage water reuse to reduce operational costs and maintain the client’s social license to operate in the area.
  • Made treatment recommendations to improve the quality of the produced water to mitigate scale formation, incompatibility with blended water from other assets, and incompatibility with frac chemical additives.
  • Conducted a site assessment, preliminary design, and detailed design of the produced water hub facility and treatment process.
  • Completed the design of two 51,000 m3 produced water storage ponds, as well as the engineering design of the associated water treatment facility.
  • Process and chemical modelling services identified the most cost-effective equipment, chemicals, and processes for treating flowback and produced water for reuse in hydraulic
    fracturing activities.
  • Modelling identified amount and type of scale formed as well as resulting water quality.
  • Assessed impact of blending produced water from 4 assets to assess compatibility concerns, treatment requirements, and costs for reuse.

ESG Project Benefits:

  • Sustainable water management by promoting produced water recycling and re-use
  • Building resilient infrastructure with innovative solutions
  • Permanent centralized infrastructure limits trucking and associated air emissions

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