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Permitting and Authorization Identification for Wave Powered Reverse Osmosis Desalination

Project Execution

  • Oneka Technologies created a Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Unit that desalinates sea water into fresh potable water using only kinetic energy of ocean waves to drive this entire process.
  • A small solar panel on top of the buoy provides power to the controls and communication back to shore.
  • With extensive water treatment expertise and a Barbados office, Integrated Sustainability was retained by Oneka Technologies to navigate the regulatory landscape and process for implementation of the Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Unit in Barbados.
ESG Project Benefits:
  • The wave powered buoys produce drinking water from sea water, which is a critical resource for Barbados, one of the 15 most water stressed countries worldwide.
  • The Oneka desalination system does not require external energy, fuel or solar panels; only waves of decent height for the production of drinking water.
  • The Oneka desalination system, totally included in the buoys, is located a few hundred meters from the coast. It does not need land space, as would be required for a desalination plant and all other available solutions.
  • The use of Oneka buoys instead of the traditional diesel-powered desalination system eliminates all the greenhouse gases that would normally be emitted to produce drinking water.
  • The Oneka system releases a brine with a salinity that is only slightly higher than that of the ocean. In addition, since each buoy has its own water inlet and outlet, the discharge is distributed over a large area and is rapidly diluted, thus not affecting the ocean’s salinity and the marine ecosystem.
  • The desalinated water generated will also reduce operational costs and improve economic growth of the hotel and tourism sectors, who require desalinated water for pools and chillers. These sectors contribute approximately 40% of the Barbados GDP.

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