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Modular Mine Water Treatment Plant

Project Execution


  • Designed modular mobile treatment packages for a remote mine in the Golden Triangle region of BC.
  • Treatment parameters focused on:
    • Metals & arsenic removal
    • Ammonia removal
    • Contingency selenium removal
  • Considerations needed to account for a lack of access road, the water treatment plant had to be engineering to be air lifted into the remote site.
  • Customized solutions for varying inlet characteristics were provided to achieve a maximum treated outlet of 4,320 m3/day.
  • Mine Dry & contingency treatment integrated into design.
  • Major Process Equipment:
    • Tubular Filtration
    • Chemical Injection Packages
    • Sulfide Precipitation & Ferric Co Precipitation Reactors
    • Breakpoint Chlorination System
  • Delivered in partnership with BQE Water.
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Modular Mine Water Treatment Plant

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