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Mine Water Treatment Plant – Stewart, B.C.

Project Execution


  • Involved in project from feasibility through provincial discharge permitting.
  • Developed detailed process tradeoff for system treating both legacy mine waste and new tailings and underground dewatering.
  • Major Process Equipment:
    • Ferric Co-Precipitation (Arsenic Treatment)
    • Hydroxide vs Sulfide Precipitation (Metals Removal)
    • Process Tanks
    • Clarification Unit
    • Filter Press (Sludge Dewatering)
    • MBBR vs Air Stripping (Ammonia Treatment)
  • Assisted client in developing sustainable and holistic treatment concepts to be integrated into the active water management strategy as well as the mine closure plan.
  • Integrated Sustainability provided full process design, discipline engineering and cost estimating to support feasibility-level design of the mine water treatment plant and subsequent revised treatment process design per Ontario Environmental Regulator feedback.
  • Executed bench-scale laboratory treatability program to support process design and permitting applications.
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Mine Water Treatment Plant – Stewart, B.C.

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