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Mine Water Treatment Plant – Yukon

Project Execution


  • Treatment to remove dissolved metals (Al, As, Cd, Cu, Zn, Fe) and selenium at multiple oxidation states to meet discharge criteria for the receiving environment.
  • Plant design capacity = 390 m3/h.
  • Major Process Equipment:
    • High Density Sludge Metals Removal Treatment
    • Ion Exchange Unit + Electro Reduction Unit
    • Reagent Dosing
    • Process Tanks
    • Clarification Unit & Multi Media Filtration
    • Filter Press (Sludge Dewatering)
  • Process selection, engineering, 3 D plant modelling, and advanced thermodynamic aqueous chemistry modelling with multivalent ion separation software.
  • Analysis of multiple feed water sources resulting in a phased treatment approach due to expected mine water acidification during closure and post closure.
  • Provided NI 43 101 Qualified Person signoff on feasibility study.
  • Delivered with BQE Water ( BQE ion exchange / electro reduction technology developer).
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Mine Water Treatment Plant – Yukon

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