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Water Bulletin, April 2016

Bulletin features information on current water conditions and water issues for the oil and gas industry in western Canada.


  • Supreme Court Ruling – Consultation rights confirmed for Mêtis and ‘non-status Indians’

British Columbia

  • British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission – Business Transition Strategy


  • Alberta Energy Regulator – Alignment of Reclamation Application Process with Responsible Energy Development Act Statement of Concern Requirements
  • Alberta Energy Regulator – Updates for Directive 017: Measurement Requirements for Oil and Gas Operations
  • Draft Directive for the Assessment of Thermally-Mobilized Constituents in Groundwater for Thermal In Situ Operations
  • Draft Directive for the Assessment of Non-Saline Groundwater in Direct Contact with Bitumen for Thermal In Situ Operations
  • Potential Alberta Temporary Diversion Licence (TDL) Constraints
  • InSolutions Greenhouse Gas Bulletin

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