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Regulatory Bulletin, March 2023

March Dominated By Critical Minerals

As you may recall, in January’s edition of the Regulatory Bulletin, we delved into the Canadian Government’s $3.8 billion Canadian Critical Minerals Strategy. In March, Minster Wilkinson has announced an additional $344 million to support several critical minerals initiatives and programs. This announcement also coincides with a joint effort between Washington and Ottawa to establish an integrated battery ecosystem in North America and establish a local market for North American mineral producers.

Interestingly for Albertan oil and gas producers, the federal budget also includes a Critical Mineral Exploration Tax Credit, which proposes to include lithium brine extraction from flowback and produced water brines – further strengthening the economic case for lithium brine extraction in the province.

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About: This bulletin highlights the regulatory changes and updates within the energy and natural resource sectors in North America that the Integrated Sustainability team has been tracking through March 2023.


  • New Guideline On Climate Risk Management Reporting For Canadian Banks & Insurers
  • Government Of Canada Releases 2023 Budget
  • Prime Minister Trudeau And President Biden Joint Statement
  • Federal Spending For Critical Minerals
  • Appeal Of Bill C-69


  • New Directive For Oil And Cas Companies To Address Unpaid Municipal Taxes
  • Re-Energizing Alberta’s Minerals Sector
  • New Guide To Groundwater Authorization

British Columbia

  • Haisla First Nation Granted EA Certificate For Floating LNG Facility
  • New Energy Action Framework To Cap Emissions, Electrify The Clean Economy
  • Suspensions Lifted On Coquihalla River And Hunter And Wahleach Creeks
  • “Blue” Economy In BC
  • New Water Management Framework In NEBC

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