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Regulatory Bulletin, March 2022

This bulletin highlights the regulatory changes and updates within the energy and natural resource sectors in North America that the Integrated Sustainability team has been tracking through March 2022.

This Month In Focus:

Until April 20th, 2022, environmental conservation and restoration projects have the chance to claim subsidy from an $8 million fund from the Federal government. The budget is collected from the fines enforced from environmental damages across Canada and distributed based on the province of violation. Plus – 3 New Directives from the Albertan Government and a halt on new coal mining, Cyber Security warnings from BC, and Engagement on Canada’s Blue Economy:


  • Environmental Damages Fund for Conservation and Restoration Projects
  • Engagement on Canada’s Blue Economy Strategy
  • Feedback on Sustainable Development Strategy Draft
  • Two Billion Trees Initiative for International Day of Forests
  • Contaminated Sediment Remediation Project at Randle Reef


  • New Editions of Directives 055 and 058 and Rescinded Documents
  • New Edition Directive 017: Measurement Requirements for Oil and Gas Operations
  • New Edition Directive 050: Drilling Waste Management
  • Aboriginal Consultation Office Digital Service
  • Changes to Temporary Diversion Licenses
  • Carbon Sequestration Tenure Management
  • New Direction for Coal Activity in the Alberta’s Rocky Mountains

British Columbia

  • Commission Advances Orphan Restoration Work
  • Reduce Industry Emissions through Co-investment
  • Action to Enhance Risk Awareness to Critical Infrastructure

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