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Regulatory Bulletin, December 2022

Critical Minerals Strategy Outlines Ambitious Plan for Canada

Canada’s reliable and responsible resources are in high demand in an increasingly fragile and uncertain geopolitical landscape. Find out how the Canadian government intends to power the digital economy and become the ‘supplier of choice’ for critical minerals.

Also in this edition, drought in British Columbia continues to restrict water diversions; Water Act Licence Reports and Closure Spend Reporting Requirements are due before March 31st 2023; and historic biodiversity framework adopted at COP 15.

About: This bulletin highlights the regulatory changes and updates within the energy and natural resource sectors in North America that the Integrated Sustainability team has been tracking through December 2022.


  • UN Biodiversity Conference: COP15 in Montréal
  • The Canada Energy Regulator Released New Pipeline Information
  • New Critical Minerals Strategy Outlines Ambitious Plan for Canada to Advance Global Climate Action


  • Closure Spend Reporting Requirements
  • Historical Resource Value (HRV) 4c Sites
  • ACO Digital Service
  • Growing Alberta’s Energy Sector
  • Keystone Oil Pipeline Leak

British Columbia

  • Update on Blueberry First Nation and BC OGC
  • Latest Suspension of Water Diversions
  • BC to Suspend Electrical Connections for Cryptocurrency Mining

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