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Regulatory Bulletin, August 2023

Government of Canada Releases the Draft Clean Electricity Regulations

This month, the Federal government released the Draft Clean Electricity Regulations to support developing a clean electricity grid with the goal of achieving economy-wide, net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The draft regulation is designed to push Canada’s electricity system to use cleaner sources faster and at a greater volume than would be expected without the regulation.

Additionally, this issue covers various pipeline-related news including the Trans Mountain pipeline construction delay, the closure of the Pipeline Performance Measures program, and the release of the 2022 Pipeline Performance report from the Alberta Energy Regulator.

Download the full document for further information on climate action initiatives and policy updates from across Canada.

About: This bulletin highlights the regulatory changes and updates within the energy and natural resource sectors in North America that the Integrated Sustainability team has been tracking through August 2023.


  • Release of Draft Clean Electricity Regulations
  • Trans Mountain Pipeline Construction Delay
  • Canadian Energy Regulator Closes Pipeline Performance Measures Program & Shares Pipeline Services Survey Results
  • Indigenous Advisory Committee Progress & Impact Report 2023
  • Ministerial on Nature & Announcement of the Nature Champions Network


  • AUC Pauses Approval of Renewable Energy Applications for Policy Review
  • Directive 065: Resources Applications for Oil & Gas Reservoirs
  • AER Releases 2022 Pipeline Performance Report & Increased Incidents of Pipeline Damage During Ground Disturbance
  • Updates to OneStop for Flaring & Venting and Pipeline Notifications

British Columbia

  • Replacement of the Oil & Gas Activities Act
  • BCER Releases 2022 Oil & Gas Reserves and Production Report
  • B.C. Fish Protection During Drought
  • Security Management Regulation Guideline Released


  • Saskatchewan’s Crown Investment Corporation Funds Small Modular Reactor Development
  • Revised First Nation and Métis Consultation Policy Framework

Feature Report

  • End of the 2023 Field Season

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