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Regulatory Bulletin, August 2022

The Fieldwork Weather Window Is Closing!

Book Last-Minute Environmental Assessments Now To Avoid Regulatory and Construction Delay in 2023.

Operators planning to construct freshwater or produced water reservoirs in 2023, should complete site-specific environmental field work before the end of September. Completing fieldwork in 2022 allows for regulatory applications to be processed over winter and provides you with the flexibility to construct next year during the ideal construction window, avoiding costly winter construction.

Don’t forget that in March this year changes to Directive 055 and 058 shorten the application time for produced water ponds – don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information!

Integrated Sustainability can help you screen and select a reservoir site as well as complete the necessary field work and permitting in 2022 to set your project up for success in 2023.

About: This bulletin highlights the regulatory changes and updates within the energy and natural resource sectors in North America that the Integrated Sustainability team has been tracking through July 2022.


  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Underground Inventories in Canada Impact Assessment Agency
  • Hydrogen Production in Energy Futures 2021 Report


  • New Edition of Manual 001: Facility and Well Site Inspections
  • Directive 089: Geothermal Resource Development
  • Excluding Domestic Use Aquifer Based on Municipal bylaws
  • The Aboriginal Consultation Office Annual Report 2021-2022
  • Supplemental Guidance on Site-Specific Risk Assessments
  • 2022 Edition of the Alberta Tier 1&2 Soil and Groundwater Remediation Guidelines

British Columbia

  • Testing Well Decommissioning Submissions
  • Commission Adopts New Security Management Regulation
  • Multi-Year Study to Look at Methane Emissions
  • Canada Energy Regulator (CER) Commitment to Aboriginal Liaison Program

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