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Integrated Sustainability Named In Canada’s Top 100 SME Employers Award for 7th Consecutive Year

CALGARY, Alberta: April 2, 2024 – Mediacorp Canada named Integrated Sustainability one of Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers for the 7th consecutive year.

The 2024 award win recognizes Integrated Sustainability’s dedication to flexible workplace culture, opportunities for professional growth, and a family-oriented approach that fosters a healthy work-life balance.  

Published in the Globe and Mail

With a team spanning over 100 employees across 2 provinces and 3 countries, Integrated Sustainability is honoured to receive this award and stand tall among Canada’s best and remain steadfast in their commitment to fostering an exceptional workplace, centered on its people.

Integrated Sustainability’s size and breadth of projects affords plenty of opportunities for its employees. Hayley Whitington, project manager, reflects on her experience, “We have so many groups of different technical skills all coming together for projects,” she says. “Having the opportunity to work on diverse projects with a range of team members – having enough size to get the interesting work and still be able to get to know everyone on the team – was really exciting for me.”

With a firm belief in the power of an empowered, diverse, and opportunity-rich environment, and by nurturing a corporate culture characterized by connection and flexibility, Integrated Sustainability cultivates an exceptional team passionate about sustainability and collectively dedicated to make a positive impact.

“Integrated Sustainability works on a lot of energy projects, but with a focus on contributing a lasting positive impact,” says Whitington. “It attracts people that are really passionate about sustainability and the environment, and that allows us to really champion that kind of attitude.”

Canada’s Top 100 SME Award Criteria and Company Background

The Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers award, organized by Mediacorp Canada Inc., is part of the Top 100 editorial competition that annually recognizes the best small and medium-sized employers (SMEs) across the country. Now in its 11th year, the award evaluates participating companies based on eight key criteria:

  • Physical Workplace;
  • Work Atmosphere & Social;
  • Health, Financial & Family Benefits;
  • Vacation & Time Off;
  • Employee Communications;
  • Performance Management;
  • Training & Skills Development; and
  • Community Involvement.

Employers are compared to other organizations in their industry to determine which offers the most progressive and forward-thinking programs. The annual competition is open to any employer with its head office or principal place of business in Canada. Employers must have less than 500 employees worldwide, including employees at affiliated companies, and be a commercial, for-profit business.

The complete list of Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers for 2023 was announced in a special magazine co-published with The Globe and Mail. Detailed reasons for selection for each of the winners were released by the editors today and are accessible via the competition homepage.

Work with industry leaders

The award reinforces Integrated Sustainability’s track record for attracting and retaining top talent from Canada and beyond. Integrated is expanding fast and now is a great time to explore the new opportunities. Search our careers page to find exciting opportunities in a number of new and existing industries – from Recreational Development; to Alternative Energy, to ESG, and much more.

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