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The Art of Leadership for Women

A few of our Integrated Sustainability ladies recently attended The Art of Leadership for Women conference to listen to highly successful women speak about the traits of great leaders. Integrated Sustainability is very proud to be an equal opportunity employer, and the number of females we have in leadership roles – ranging from Vice President, Manager of Projects, and Senior Project Engineers – is a testament to this. 

The conference was inspiring, empowering, and eye-opening for both female and male attendees as the speakers shared transformative advice relating to decision-making, achieving both success and happiness, time management, creativity and innovation, and being an effective leader. Insights gained from this conference have taught us to reignite our intrinsic curiosity and fearlessly ask the questions “Why?” and “Why not?”. It is in the moments we take to pause, especially when feeling overwhelmed, that our minds are most open to insight and innovative thinking. Being cognizant of the story that is constructed about a person or idea and being aware of the system of thinking (intuitive or analytical?) that is being engaged to make decisions will also help us improve the accuracy of our decisions.

We also learned the importance of embracing the discomfort that comes with change and to take methodical and intentional steps to bring about transformation. This is not unlike the change that disrupts businesses from time to time to which we need to respond with agility and adaptability. In a competitive industry that is ever-evolving it is especially important to ‘believe in ourselves beyond reason’ and leverage positive thinking to see opportunities rather than obstacles. At Integrated Sustainability, we not only advocate for ourselves but also for our outstanding coworkers that make this a truly remarkable organization.

Integrated Sustainability believes that nurturing and supporting the women of our business to explore and capitalize on leadership opportunities is very important and has greatly contributed to our success. Thank you to The Art Of for hosting such a great event that brings extraordinary women together.

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