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Alberta Oil Magazine – Oksana Kielbasinski

In a recent article in Alberta Oil Magazine, Integrated Sustainability’s Oksana Kielbasinski speaks to the growing Oil and Gas industry trend to collaborate on water use.

The article also highlights how Kielbasinski’s work as Director of Sustainability and Risk at Integrated Sustainability “straddles the biggest of the big-picture demands on oil and gas companies in 2015.”screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-3-03-37-pm

“When our scientists and engineers get busy delivering solutions, Oksana is the key guardian of how well those solutions stay on course and contribute to a big “why” we do business, and that is sustainability,” says Vice President of Engineering Tom Fransham.

President Stuart Torr adds “Both industry and the public increasingly judge oil and gas resource extraction against a much longer-term viewpoint, and with many more criteria than just a monetary return on investment. Our investment in Oksana’s role shows how motivated we are to be both leaders and enablers of this trend.”